by White City Graves

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released September 27, 2013

All songs written and recorded by White City Graves.


all rights reserved



White City Graves Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Long Haul
Claustrophobic I'm running Lean
Burning off meth and gasoline
Sense dulled and I'm driving blind
85 across another state line
Running my course the lines start to weave
Eyes start playing trick on me
There she is, she's hitching a ride
Thumb stuck out to be by my side

What do you think as you're looking at me
I'm on my way to Tennessee
A hard luck case with her guitar
Heading to Nashville gonna be a star
A wayward smile as she starts to sing
A crooked hearted melody
Turns away as she starts to cry
Left my family, left them all behind

Long hard haul and I'm all alone
Find me a way to get back home
Spent my life along the highway
Seems to have driven my life away
Track Name: Blood, Sweat and Gears
It's every child's nightmare it's the sum of their fears
It's the perfect combination of blood, sweat and gear
It's a hound from hell spitting gas and fire
It's the object of obsession it's your desire

Piece of a Chevy from an old junk yard
Plymouth chassis and some Mustang parts
Dodge under the hood it's a Ford design
Bastard child it's my Frankenstein

Blood, sweat and gears
454 stacked under the hood
Blood, sweat and gears
Hound from hell and it's looking for blood

It's the anti-Christ it's a symbol for hate
It's a 666 on the license plate
It's hell's taxi cab and it's looking for fares
It's the devil on the petal so say your prayers

Banshee, the beast of the bowels of hell
Sick some bitch it's an angel that fell
Dual glass packs and they're screaming for more
Pumping out the tune of the 454
Track Name: Something Close To Hate
Something close to hate as you look in his eyes
They're cold, they're dead, they're gray, they're his mask, his disguise

And it's something close to hate as he rules the small
You'll all know his name, the devil in us all oh yeah

Where do the ducks go for winter
Sure he knows it all
Stand at the cliff and watch the children
Step aside and let them fall on down again

Something close to hate let me take you down
No need to be afraid his innocence is sound

And it's something close to hate voices scream inside
You all know my name the catcher in the rye
Track Name: Read 'Em and Weep
At the table playing 5 card stud
Everybody is looking for blood
Raise me 50 I'll take 'em for more
Hundred large as I walk out the door

On my left there's Tony the shark
Last guy who beat him got knifed in the heart
On the end there's Mickey the cheat
Know for puling aces out of his sleeve

Comes around to me and I make the call
That's when I knew I had beaten them all
Even Mickey with the ace up his sleeve
Lay 'em down boys read 'em and weep

Look at my hand as I glance around
Remind myself why I'm in this town
Swear they think I'm running a bluff
Mickey's 3 aces just ain't enough

Mickey drops a boat says this pot is mine
Tony says you gotta beat 4 of a kind
Think to myself boys that ain't enough
Y'all can't beat my royal flush
Track Name: This Is Gonna Hurt
This is gonna hurt you more than it ever hurt me
Such a garish spectacle such a lovely sight to see
Sticks and stones will break your bones and my name will always hurt
What I got in store for you is exactly what you deserve

Need some sort of vindication
Solid shred of validation
A little little little little indication
Before I'll ever stop

This is gonna hurt
This is gonna hurt
This is gonna hurt
Exactly what you deserve

What I do is out of love but in love there's always pain
Just need a little sign from you to know you feel the same
This will all be over soon and in the end you'll see
I'm the only one for you and there's no else left but me
Track Name: Taking My Anger Back
Bitter and broken and left for dead
Swear to god I'll have my revenge yeah
Worst part is you think you won
Little did you know that the battle ain't done no

You had me cornered with no way out
Chasing my shadow and full of doubt
Tasting the metal without hope
End of my wits and end of my rope no

I, I, I, I'm
Taking my anger back
Taking my anger back
Taking my anger back
With little regret, I'll never forget
I'm taking my anger back

Put me here now can't you see
What you've done you've done to me
Can't let go of my recent fall
That's why I'm here I'm taking you all

Quiet now and everybody down
Quiet now and everybody down
Quiet now and everybody down
Quiet now and everybody down
This is it I ain't fucking around
Pushed me this time a little too far
Cut my pride and left my scars
So I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I'm
Taking my anger back
Track Name: Hang 'Em High
Sitting on my horse under that old oak tree
Looking back to see what I have done
Life spent running from the deputies
Hiding out with a whiskey and my gun

Used to be a man on that trail next to me
Helped me out when times where getting tough
Now he's 6 feet down under a poplar tree
Stretching out his neck just wasn't enough

Crime doesn't pay
He obviously wasn't counting on me riding through their town
Guns blazing high
Be on my way to Texas before the hunt me down
When they hunt me down
Yeah I'm not going down easy bet your ass I'm putting up a fight
Stories that they'll tell
Of that cold November evening
When they hung poor Johnny high
They hung poor Johnny high
They hung poor Johnny high

Every town I've been had my way with the women
Doing some unspeakable crime
Breaking the law you know it's a given
Guess I gotta do my time

Rope around my neck is a chafing and a burning
Waiting to hear that old whip crack
Hanging by the rope my body starts a turning
Losing my breath and praying my neck snaps
Track Name: Stalker
She put a noose around my heart I put a noose around my neck
So much about her I'm trying to forget
See her at night through the window above her bed
Watch as she drifts away and thinks of him instead

So much darker than it was before
The light has faded and there's nothing anymore
The day has gone black it's gone quiet it's so cold
Nothing left for me left for me to hold

Pistol packed locked and loaded
Ready to let it go
Teach her the song of heartache
The one she'll never know
Pistol packed locked and loaded
The steal has gone so cold
So dark and quiet
With that song's single note

Know everything about her others never will
Know her every joy her every little thrill
Follow her anywhere and everywhere she goes
Nothing in her life nothing I don't know

Does it really matter that she doesn't know my name
And did she feel a thing when she shot me down in flames
Time for her to see what she's gone and done
Time for her to hear the song of the gun
Track Name: South Of Sane
An ugly motherfucker with the mouth of a trucker
And a face only a mother could love
Something in his brain is running south of sane
Makes him meaner than junkyard dog
Jekyll he's a Hide he's the devil in disguise
And he's one step above the law
Driven by the lust of every throat that he cuts
It's the worst thing you ever saw

No this ain't no fable
Though he's the brother of Cain
You know he's far from Able
So you can meet him
Meet him south of sane

Just in his mind but the facts they find
That his story is full of lies
At the end of the trial we thought he'd walk the mile
Instead he'd comprise
The defense made a plea and the judge he agreed
He'd show 'em where the bodies lied
For the info he'd give they were gonna let him live
And he'd only be serving life

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